Conch pearl and diamond pendant

Our treasure of the week is this spectacular conch pearl and diamond pendant by Buccellati.
Conch pearls are the rarest and one of the most beautiful types of pearl.
Conch pearls are formed by concentric layers of calcareous concentrations around an irritant, unlike other naturally occurring pearls which are formed by concentric layers of nacre around an irritant. On average a single conch pearl is found in every 10,000-15,000 queen conch shells, with less than 10% being of gem quality. Fascinatingly the colour of the conch pearl is related to what the conch feeds on, the age of the conch and the interior colour of the shell.


"A single conch pearl is found in every 10,000-15,000"


We also have a conch pearl and diamond dress ring pictured.

Keep an eye out for these rarities in our auction on the 19th February.