Treasure of the week: Art Deco diamond and natural saltwater pearl brooch

Elmwood’s would love to introduce our treasure of the week and one of our star lots in 14th August jewellery auction. Lot 83 – the Art Deco diamond and natural saltwater pearl brooch. The brooch comprises of 11.00 carats of diamonds framing a stunning natural saltwater pearl set in a classic Art Deco design.

Natural saltwater pearls in large, uniform size are rare and command very high prices at auction. With only about 1 in every 12000 oysters producing a natural pearl and few of those achieving the size, shape and colour desirable for jewellery, it is not difficult to see why.

A pearl is created as a reaction to an irritant within a mollusk. The irritant is covered with many layers of nacre, eventually coating it to create something beautiful. Historically, pearls have been reserved for the world’s most extravagant and wealthy clientele, creating an aura of luxury and mystery around the gem.

Pearls are even cited in scripture – in the Bible, Jesus refers to the Kingdom of Heaven asa ‘pearl of great price’, while the Qu’ran states that dwellers of paradise will be adorned with pearls.

The combination of pearls and diamonds in jewellery creates a timeless beautiful look, perfect for any occasion and a wonderful future heirloom.