As well as our auction services, we are also able to provide valuations for insurance and probate purposes, as well as offering house clearance services, and other services including jewellery repair and restoration, and bespoke jewellery design and production.

Probate Valuations

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for anyone, and can be worsened by having to deal with probate and inheritance tax, where a full written valuation of all belongings is required.
We are able to offer a caring, convenient and confidential service to clients in this situation, and are able to visit your property for as long as needed in order to assess the contents for its value. We will then provide a comprehensive and professional written valuation of the goods based on a low, achievable and realistic market value which can be used to calculate inheritance tax.
We charge a flat fee of £100 + VAT per day for valuations (which can normally be conducted and prepared in just one day), less than half of what many of our competitors offer, and we will provide digital and hard copies of all documentation for HMRC and your solicitor. Our fees will also be waived should some or all of the items in question come to auction. Whilst we specialise mainly in Jewellery, our expert knowledge and contacts, as well as brand partnerships allow us to handle the sale of almost anything you can think of.

Insurance Valuations

Our insurance valuation services cover mostly jewellery and silver items, and will assess the value of your goods based on the cost of replacing them new. We will provide a full written assessment and valuation of your items, which will include hard and digital copies for your records.
Insurance valuations are charged at a flat cost of £50 + VAT no matter how many items are valued, plus 1% of the value of your items, also + VAT. For example, six items of jewellery with a total value of £30,000 would cost £50 + £300) + VAT = £420.

House Clearances

We are also able to offer comprehensive house clearance services. On making an appointment, we will attend your property and assess the value of all saleable goods which we can then remove for sale at auction. Whilst we specialise mostly in Jewellery, working with our brand partners and contacts we are able to handle the sale of anything you can imagine.
After all saleable goods have been removed, we are then able to use our clearance partners to removable all remaining unsaleable goods leaving the house clean, tidy and presentable for sale.

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