Novelty brooches which sported animal motifs have been popular throughout much of the 20th  and 21st centuries, amongst both jewellery designers and buyers alike. Such brooches typically incorporated both enamelling and colourful gem settings to emphasise the bright natural colours of the animals.

Many stunning examples of these brooches have been created by high profile jewellery designers, of which the Cartier insect brooches sit prominently. The Cartier designs range across the insect  kingdom from ladybirds to bumblebees, all of which are made vibrant by the use of multicoloured enamelling and gem settings. However these interesting brooches are not limited to Cartier, seen with this handsome, cartoonish lion brooch from Van Cleef & Arpels. This piece was a part of a line of jewellery that opened in the 1950s, a line which specialised in making animal clips for a broader audience.

Animal brooches have remained so popular due to their unique and colourful appearance which offers a quirky change to the standard fare of jewellery that is usually worn, and for this reason, animal brooches will likely remain popular for years to come.