Samuel Hill

Managing Director

Sam has had a passion for jewellery since the age of eight, and has been actively involved in the industry for over a decade. Growing up with close ties to gemstone mines in North America, Sam’s love and knowledge of jewellery grew as he did. He gained experience dealing and working at various auction rooms before founding Elmwood’s in 2017 with the long term aim of being the market leader in the jewellery auction industry.

Adam Johnson

Business Development / Trade Account Manager

After completing his education, Adam began training with an apprenticeship in jewellery making and restoration. After gaining significant experience working with international jewellery dealers, Adam made the move into the auction industry to hone his knowledge and contacts and build on Elmwood’s existing successes. In his day to day role at Elmwood’s, Adam is in charge of all trade accounts and relations.

Beth Dawson

Jewellery Specialist / Head of Sales

Further to reading Theology at Durham University, Beth began her career in the jewellery industry working with a well established and respected antique jewellery dealer with an international presence. Here, Beth gained great experience in the cataloguing and researching of antique and signed jewellery, as well as gaining a specialist knowledge of precious and semi-precious stones, and is now responsible for researching and cataloguing the most important jewellery featured in our collections and auctions. Beth oversees the consignment and production of all auctions.

Sophie Padfield

Client Services

Sophie, an Art History graduate, who fell in love with the auction world at Christie’s, joined Elmwood’s in early 2019, and is now in charge of all client services, including pre-sale enquiries, contracts, buyer accounts, and other specialist services and queries.

Ben Gosling

Accounts & Legal

Ben, who holds a history degree from the University of Cambridge, has been with Elmwood’s from day one, and is in charge of managing client accounts and finances. He is the go-to person for finance, legal and account queries.

Alessio Vidal

Photography & Creative Design

Alessio, who hails from the beautiful City of Venice, has years of experience in photography and design. His photographs are unrivalled, and bring a new life to the jewellery we have the pleasure of handling. Alessio is responsible for all creative design work at Elmwood’s, and creates all content for our catalogues, instagram, marketing and website.

Stephen Large


With decades of experience in a handful of industries, including media, marketing, business development, antiques and auctioneering, Stephen Large is a valuable asset to the Elmwood’s team. Our trusty and reliable auctioneer, who always charms clients and elicits smiles has been compared to Sean Connery’s James Bond and John Cleese’s Basil Fawlty, and our auctions would not be the same without him.


The brains behind the operation

Every office needs its resident doggo. Meet Ruble the Shetland Sheepdog. He is the real boss of the company, and isn’t shy about cuddling up next to our regular clients on our beautiful and comfortable teal velvet sofa!

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